jon fosse biography
Jon Fosse, the Norwegian dramatist, novelist and poet, was born in 1959 on the west coast of Norway and now resides in Bergen. The author of some thirty books and twenty-six plays that have been translated into over 40 languages, he is perhaps the most provocative, celebrated, and produced contemporary playwright in Europe right now. His novels include Red, Black, Closed Guitar, The Boathouse, The Bottle Collector, and Melancholia I-II.  Since 1993, Fosse has focused primarily on playwriting.  He quickly received international acclaim, particularly after Claude Regy (legendary French director of Pinter’s work) came out of retirement to direct his play Someone is Going to Come.  Afterwards, Le Monde dubbed Fosse “the Beckett of the 21st Century.”  His plays, including And We’ll Never Be Parted, Night Sings Its Songs, The Guitar Man, Dream of Autumn, Girl on the Sofa, and deathvariations, have been produced on major stages across Europe, as well as around the world in countries such as Japan, Australia, and Chile. He is particularly noted for having created his own theatrical language, at once intense and poetic.