night sings its songs by Jon Fosse
directed and translated by Sarah Cameron Sunde
co-produced with The Unbound Theatre and Spring Theatreworks
June 5-29, 2004 at 45 Bleecker Theater

A modern day tragedy about two people who love each other desperately, but in an attempt to find each other again
they push each other to the extreme and spin into a downward spiral of miscommunication.

The Young Woman Anna Gutto
The Young Man Louis Cancelmi
The Father Peter Davies
The Mother Diane Ciesla
Baste George Hannah

dramaturgy Marie-Louise Miller
set Lauren Helpern
lights Roma Flowers
costumes Maline Casta
music Christopher Tin
sound Ryan Tilke
props Faye Armon
stage management Misha Siegel-Rivers
casting Liz Ortiz-Mackes
press Jim Baldassare

Supported in part by The Royal Norwegian Consulate General
and the American Scandinavian Foundation