on night sings its songs
“Mr. Fosse (pronounced FAH-suh), who is Norwegian,
and Sarah Cameron Sunde, the American who translated
his play, have an ear for conversation, particularly
for the synergy of repetition and for the fine line between generality and allegory…. Ms. Sunde, who also directed,
has made interesting choices for her cast of five,
who are
uniformly excellent.”
- The New York Times

Absorbing…this couple merits stopping in.”
- The Village Voice

“Under director Sarah Cameron Sunde, the actors
do a masterful job…Night Sings Its Songs…reaches us
with the high beauty of its aesthetics and the tremendous complexity of the characters developed through
thoughtful and intelligent acting and directing. It is
minimalist marvel to see, and will leave you thinking about the value and rarity of speaking directly and being heard.”

- offoffonline (the pick of the week)