on deathvariations
"it is easy to see [Fosse's] work as Ibsen stripped down
to its emotional essentials. But it is much more. For one thing, it has a
fierce poetic simplicity...The cast of 'deathvariations' is sometimes stunningly in touch with Mr. Fosse's worldview.
And no small credit goes to Sarah Cameron Sunde who both translated and directed the play. The seemingly simple art of blocking doesn’t normally come in for critical praise,
but there is one moment — when Ms. Sunde allows the past to cross in front of the present — that carries layers of meaning”
- The New York Times

taut, gripping exploration of - among other things -
our frequent and tragic inability to recognize what's right before us" -

"a riveting drama…Fosse's
brilliant, ritualistic language
uses obsessive repetition to make [the characters'] fate seem inevitable…Sunde's direction strengthens Fosse's concepts with blocking that borders on choreography... neither a second too long nor too short" -
NY Theatre Wire